about us

About Us

we are the best

Proven excellence has no substitute. Successful existence of Best Holidays underlines this. In fact, we offer services with the strength of more than 20 years of excellence in hospitality and travel services. Encouraged by the leadership in basic tourism infrastructure, we offer you value-added services with special prices. Our team consists of people with a decade of experience behind them and a willing to assist you in any and every way possible. With us you will enjoy Kerala in its traditional way.

Our Privilege

The management and team have had the privilege to serve guests ranging from corporate clientele to leisure travellers and from dignitaries to personalities in varies walks of life. We offer the following when you deal with us
1. Dedicated professionals 2. Personalised service 3. Proactive service 4. Cost effective suggestions 5. People who understand the market and your needs etc.

Mission & Vision


Macro level tourism concept is to be broken down to a micro level based on functional benefits. This micro level concept can offer a number of options based on the interests and tastes which will boost and take the business to a higher platform.


Vision It is the intention to develop a tourism concept from macro level to micro level, to offer the maximum flexibility/options and the best services for the clients.